Outdoor noise simulation based on CityGML models



Akustische Virtuelle Realität


Sound scapes of cities are not only affected by typical sound sources, but also by the build environment. To simulate instant noise distribution or auralize an urban situation, acoustic (noise) simulations are required that incorporate physical sound propagation with correct reflections off building facades and around diffraction objects. In an attempt to describe the real world by means of computer models, CityGML can be helpful to define static build environment, traffic routes as well as dynamics in time-variant traffic. This Bachelor thesis will investigate how far CityGML models can be used for urban noise distribution and auralization, and which data processing is required to achieve this goal. Depending on skill and interest, the actual orientation of the topic can be suggested by the student’s favor, requiring a coordination with the supervior, a short literature review and exposé beforehand. Requirements ? Basic C++ and/or Matlab programming skills ? Basic knowledge of acoustics ? Interest in the topic and independent work Optional skills ? Familiar with SketchUp or other CAD modellers ? Knowledge of XML and semantic data structures (namely CityGML) ? Sound design or audio processing