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Investigations on head movements in localization experiments with different dynamic binaural replay methods

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Auditorische Szenenanalyse,


Master Thesis of Setzer, Dorothea

In the context of binaural-listening paradigms to be rendered more realistic, previous studies have examined the influence of head-movements on the human capacity of sound localization. This thesis enhances static binaural reproduction by allowing for headmovements and with individually measured HRTF data and real-time head tracking permits a dynamic binaural reproduction of sound sources via headphones. Sound localization is evaluated for 20 subjects who were presented a set of sound sources at crucial positions as on and near to the median plane and on a Cone of Confusion. Head-movements, as well as error rate and reaction time are registered comparing the results for the individually measured HRTFs with a resolution of (5° x1°) , the non-individual HRTFs of (5° x1°) with and without interpolation each and a set of non-individual HRTFs of (1°x1°) in azimuth and elevation. The recently introduced technique of proximal pointing is used in order to obtain accurate results for pointing angles in the localization task.