Final Thesis

Acoustic characterization of materials in rooms

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Research Area:
Room and Building Acoustics,
Acoustic Measuring Techniques
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Bachelor Thesis of Schwachtgen, Denis

Adequate room acoustic conditions are important to create a comfortable situation for communication, learning or working, for example in classrooms. While acoustic simulations are an established tool for the prediction of the acoustic condition of a room, the input data describing the acoustic properties of the surfaces (and objects) of a room comes with uncertainties. In this thesis work, standardized and non-standardized methods to determine the acoustic characterstics of materials should be compared and the impact of differently determined data on simulated result should be analyzed. For this, a seminar room scenario, equipped with different materials is investigated. First, room acoustic measurements are conducted in the empty room. A corresponding simulation model is created and fitted to the measurement by adjusting the boundary conditions. Subsequently, different material configurations are introduced into the real space and into the virtual model and measured or simulated, respectively. Thus, the simulation accuracy can be evaluated for the sets of acoustic material parameters determined by different methods.