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Development of a Paradigm to Examine Listening Comprehension in Virtual Reality

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Bachelor Thesis of Angsuphanich, Lalita

A previous study showed that background noises and background speech deteriorate children’s listening comprehension, as children lack the ability to neglect irrelevant sounds. A classroomlike atmosphere is required for an investigation of the effect of noise on listening comprehension. As a result, there is a possibility that certain uncontrollable elements will arise throughout the experiment. As Virtual Reality (VR) has the capability to regulate all of these variables, conducting an experiment in VR is regarded to avoid this occurrence. In the present study, the two proposed interaction methods in VR, selecting via buttons and drawing, were implemented to be used during the listening experiment. A total of eighteen participants were recruited. The task of this experiment consists of a row of pictures and a corresponding oral instruction. Consequently, their usability were examined through the total score of the tasks and were then compared against each other and the original input method. The result of this investigation showed that there were no differences among these three interaction methods. The findings suggest that this kind of paradigm is likely to be reliable and could be transferred into virtual environment.