Final Thesis

Creation of an Acoustic City Model Based on Photogrammetry

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Acoustics in Architectural Design
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Bachelor Thesis of Fuchs, Artur

Motivated by the reduction of noise pollution and simulation of sound propagation, acoustic virtual reality (AVR) can be utilized to carry out studies. First, image-based photogrammetric software will be used to recreate an urban-coastal area to produce a visual representation of the complex environment. Photogrammetry generates photographic point clouds, which further are processed into texturized three-dimensional (3D) models for immersive applications or traditional playback media. It will be investigated if this method is suitable for such complex compositions of different landscapes combined with the city’s architecture and infrastructure. The final product can be rendered using a 3D-Engine in combination with the open-source software Virtual Acoustics (VA) for the simulation of the environment. Synthesized sound sources – such as cars, trucks, trains or aircrafts – can be added to observe their acoustic behavior within the complex urban scenario. The object is to create a visualization, which, combined with the physically-based acoustic simulation, represents an accurate model for future study.