Final Thesis

Evaluation of Spatial Audio Reproduction Methods

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Research Area:
Acoustic Measuring Techniques,
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Spatial audio reproduction methods represent an important tool for research in the field of acoustics, since they facilitate the creation of arbitrary virtual acoustic environments for listening experiments.
At the Institute for Hearing Technology and Acoustics (IHTA), extensive capabilities to implement and test these reproduction methods are available, e.g., a 68-channel surrounding spherical loudspeaker array is installed in an anechoic chamber and can be used for Higher-Order Ambisonics, Vector Base Amplitude Panning, or Crosstalk-Cancellation, among others.
In this context, a number of different topics for theses are available at IHTA, e.g., reproduction methods need to be implemented and systematically evaluated for research in auditory selective attention, hearing aids, or hearing loss simulation.

Recommended are basic knowledge & interest in:
- Acoustic measurements
- Signal processing
- Psychoacoustics