Final Thesis

Examining auditory cues for an auditory selective attention paradigm in virtual reality

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Basic Information

Research Area:
Acoustic Virtual Reality
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The ability to focus our attention to a specific sound source in complex everyday situations is a very fascinating skill, which is widely described as auditory selective attention (ASA). A new approach investigates ASA in a more realistic virtual reality (VR) environment. Until now the attention has been voluntarily guided towards the target stimuli using endogenous attention cues in this paradigm. However, in real life our attention is often drawn to sounds involuntarily. This mechanism is called exogenous attention. An example for this is a siren or a sudden noise, which one attends to without thinking about it. This thesis will investigate different options for auditory cues and validate the use of such cues through a listening experiment.

- Programming skills
- Independent working
- Interest in the topic

Optional Skills
- Knowledge of MATLAB, Unity, C#