Final Thesis

Categorisation of urban soundscapes under variable weather conditions

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Research Area:
Architectural Design Categorization,
Visualisation and Auralisation
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Bachelor Thesis of Domah, Shanti Bea

While the ISO series provides definitions, soundscape data collection and evaluation, it is insufficient when aiming for accurate and effective soundscape recording and reproduction. Most importantly for this work, it neglects ambient and meteorological indicators (e.g. sunshine, rain, cloudiness) and matching physical parameters (e.g. radiation, temperature, humidity). In order to reproduce soundscapes and other real-life acoustic scenarios in a controlled setting, a database of recordings of complex acoustic environments may be introduced to generate soundscapes under controlled conditions and gain control over sound sources, levels and calibration of background sound. This thesis will focus on the effect of weather on soundscapes by carrying out a series of ambisonic recordings in the IHTA park over a period of time, preferably over multiple seasons to create a database covering a large variety of parameters/parameter combinations. These recordings can later be linked to the acoustic and visual model of the IHTA park.