Final Thesis

Sound Transmission through Ventilation Openings in Building Facades

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Basic Information

Research Area:
Room and Building Acoustics,
Numerical Acoustics
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Bachelor Thesis of Chang, Hao-Xuan

In tropical countries, air conditioning systems are widely used to improve indoor climate. However, in most cases, natural ventilation can provide sufficient thermal comfort for the users. Though, openings in the facades for natural ventilation decrease the sound insulation. Hence, the outdoor noise can affect the acoustic comfort indoors. This is especially important for classrooms, in which speech intelligibility plays an important role. Intelligibility is mainly compromised by background noise due to outdoor sounds. The goal of the proposed work is to simulate different wall designs regarding the surface area, the geometry and the density of openings in order to find an optimized design for classrooms facades. The idea is to use Boundary Element Method to simulate sound transmission patterns for each parameter set. These can subsequently be implemented in a framework aiming the auralization of classroom designs.

Recommended prerequisites
- Basic knowledge & interest in programming
- Fundamentals of architectural acoustics or building physics
- Independent work attitude
- Having experience in simulation tools (e.g. COMSOL)