Final Thesis

Accelerating Atmospheric Ray Tracing for real-time aircraft noise auralization

Key Info

Basic Information

Research Area:
Acoustic Virtual Reality
Type of Thesis:


The Atmospheric Ray Tracing (ART) framework is an efficient tool for the simulation of sound propagation in the atmosphere. It considers the effects of refraction and medium movement and provides a fast method to find eigenrays, connecting a source with a receiver. The framework shows great potential to be used for real-time auralizations of aircraft flyovers. With that goal in mind, additional improvements of this method are desired. In this thesis, the approach should be accelerated using a-priori knowledge, e.g. between consecutive aircraft positions in a dynamic scenario. Then, the performance of the accelerated method is to be tested and compared to the current approach.

Virtual aircraft flyover:


- C++ programming skills
- Basic understanding of geometrical acoustics
- Knowledge on object-oriented programming
- Working self-reliantly

Optional skills

- Matlab programming skills