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Analysis of microphone measurement using a harmonic +stochastic approach

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Ultrasonic Metal Welding (USMW) is particularly suitable for connecting electro-technical components. The concept is simple: two metal sheets are pressed and rubbed against each other at 20 kHz. Due to friction, the plates are welded together. However, the quality of the weld fluctuates between different welds. Right now, it is almost impossible to monitor the welding process as it happens. The goal of this project is to analyse data measured using the microphone during welding. The analysis will be done using a harmonic and stochastic approach, to model both the harmonic and the seemingly random nature of the data. Ideally, we should see changes in the model as welding progresses. These changes might be traced by to changes in the welding stages. This might lead to a better weld strength control and welding monitoring. Notes:  Knowledge of coding (Matlab or Python) and/or willingness to learn required