Final Thesis

Investigating Differences in Noise Perception between Age and Gender in Classrooms and Pre-schools

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Noise Research
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Bachelor Thesis of Zhang, Huashan

Many children spend most of their daytime in pre- and primary schools with high noise level, it can be assumed that their cognitive development can be affected by their daily noise exposure. Therefore, it is necessary to assess the noise exposure of children in educational institutions appropriately. This work evaluates several acoustic parameters in relation to subjective perception representing noise exposure in more than 20 classrooms in primary schools and playrooms in preschools. For this purpose, omni-directional measured and binaural measured psychoacoustic parameters, which provide additional auditory information related to subjective perception are investigated besides traditional acoustic parameters. Subjective perception of noise is collected using the INCH questionnaire for both children and adults in those rooms. This work is structured in three parts: Firstly, acoustic parameters obtained from a child artificial head, an adult artificial head, and a reference microphone are compared. Secondly, the perception of noise is evaluated between age and gender. Thirdly, the correlation between subjective perception and objective parameters will be investigated. Finally, conclusion and outlook were discussed in the end.