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Optimization of a visual feedback and optical tracking procedure for HRTF measurements

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Binaural Technology
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Bachelor Thesis of Möhlmann, Chalotorn

In recent times, measurement systems for acquiring individual head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) by inserting microphones at the entrances of both ear canals and recording the emitted sound signals of loudspeaker arrays have been presented. Various applications in research and development rely on precise binaural signals, for example to convincingly locate sound sources in a three-dimensional space. Due to its lengthy duration, participants are consistently unable to remain motionless during the measurement. Attempts in restricting movements of test participants have been made in order to mitigate measuring errors, either by physical constraints, such as the use of a headrest, or providing a visual aid during the procedure. Applied visual aids with movement feedback have shown significant improvements by guiding test subjects in controlling and correcting their own head position. The different designs of interactive interfaces contribute significantly to the degree of accuracy during the measurement. Further benefits may include improved reactions of participants. The aim of this thesis is to develop different interactive visual aids with an optical tracking procedure and investigate the effectiveness of different GUI components on regulating position and orientation of test participants.