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Roughness and overall sound quality perception of diesel engines depending on different playback methods

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Bachelor Thesis of Neuhöfer, Wenzel Leonhard

Binaural transfer path synthesis can be used to predict various psychoacoustic parameters of a vehicle sound based on existing models prior to the production of the actual car. This allows manufacturers to apply cost-effective optimizations during the design process. While standardized models already exist for most psychoacoustic parameters, they have yet to be realized for the parameter roughness based on results of extensive listening experiments. As a preliminary study for the planned series of experiments, a listening test will be conducted as part of this bachelor thesis to investigate how different reproduction methods influence the perception of roughness and overall sound quality using binaural recordings in the cab of a diesel vehicle. The stimuli are presented diotically and binaurally via headphones, as well as via single loudspeaker. Evoked roughness and sensatory pleasantness are rated using pairwise comparisons. Subsequently, the results are statistically analyzed, compared and discussed. A recommendation regarding requirements for stimuli used in consecutive listening experiments is derived. An effect of the playback method on the perceptions of roughness and sound quality can not be ascertained.