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Estimation of Direction Dependent Pinna Reflection Locations

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Binaural Technology
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Bachelor Thesis of Biot, Jérome

Head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) describe the direction dependent properties of the human hearing apparatus. Apart from head and and torso shapes, it is primarily the individual geometries of outer ear, or pinna, that play an important role in the spectral shaping, which the brain in turn uses as direction specific cues. By using a high-resolution 3D Scanner (like the Artec Space Spider), we can accuratly measure and digitize these geometries. As part of the thesis, this scanner is to be used to measure a subjects outer ear and the determine the direction specific locations of the first order reflections. This information is to be used to estimate the spectral coloration at the ear canal, which in turn can be validated by measuring the subjects HRTF.