Beurteilung von Soundscapes durch verschiedene Verfahren: Soundwalks und Hörversuche



Art der Arbeit:


Masterarbeit von Su, Yuanyuan

Soundscape is related to the relationships between the ear, human beings, sound environments, and society. Based on a series of case studies in Europe and China and an intensive literature review, the description, evaluation, and built for soundscape in urban open spaces are systematically analyzed in terms of four basic elements: sound, space, people, and environment. For urban open public spaces, it is critical to study the peoples’ perception of sounds. This research aims to establish the relation between the auditory perceptions and the visual aspects. First of all, what is the influence of the visual aspects on the perception of the urban soundscape? This question will be studied based on the sample recording and a large number of soundwalks in two open public locations in Aachen. The recordings will be performed by using binaural and omni-directional microphones. Another method to collect the data is listening test. The sample recordings with the same participants from soundwalks will be used and calibrated. Additionally the subjective thresholds from psychoacoustic parameters in percentiles, including loudness, sharpness, fluctuation strength, roughness and tonality will be established. Therefore the psychoacoustic parameters for the soundscape recordings will be calculated by using the software ArtemiS. At last, which is the best method to collect data for soundscape studies will be determined by neural network. It will also be identified if the statistical method is suitable for subjective and objective data fitting.