Final Thesis

Interpolation of simulation results for real-time aircraft noise auralization

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Basic Information

Research Area:
Acoustic Virtual Reality
Type of Thesis:


The method of auralization allows to render realistic 3D audio based on virtual scenes. For a high level of realism, it is desired to use physical-based acoustic simulations of sound propagation. Those allow the derivation of acoustic parameters, such as propagation delay and air attenuation, which can then applied during the actual auralization process. When auralizing complex scenes, such as aircraft flyovers, those simulations are computationally expensive. Thus, the update rate of the above-mentioned parameters is relatively low. Especially for fast moving sources like aircraft, this can lead to audible artifacts, since those parameters “jitter” over time. The goal of this thesis is to investigate potential post-processing methods to interpolate between the parameters and thereby virtually increase their update rate.

Virtual aircraft flyover:


- Matlab programming skills
- Working self-reliantly

Additional requirements for Master students

- C++ programming skills
- Knowledge on object-oriented programming