A wavelet-synthesis model for the auralization of moving sound sources



Akustische Virtuelle Realität


Masterarbeit von Wenhuan Duan

Moving sound sources are indispensable parts in acoustical environment and cause noise problems as the speed of the sources increases rapidly, such as high-speed trains and cars. Auralization is an efficient way for prediction and provides immerse audible sense. Therefore, it is important to find a sound synthesis approach to modeling moving sound sources and create perceptually convincing sounds for auralization. In this research, wavelet transform (WT) is proposed to synthesize moving sound sources in virtual reality environment. Compared to Fourier transform, WT has the advantage of remaining time information when transforming signals into the frequency domain, which benefits the received time-variant signals from moving sources. Due to frequency shift, the Doppler effect should be eliminated through interpolation before WT. With varying the parameters generated from WT, new signals can be synthesized based on several samples. The results need to be verified by on-site measurements listening tests. Finally, a synthesis model for auralization is established based on WT for moving sound sources.