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Diffraction simulation in Geometrical Acoustics

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Akustische Virtuelle Realitšt


Bachelor Thesis of Erraji, Armin

Acoustic diffraction off and around geometrical obstacles is an important phenomenon that occurs if the compared wave length is not small or big against the geometrical dimensions. Simulating acoustic diffraction is usually done in the time or frequency domain using simulation methods that solve the wave equation, i.e. naturally take this effect into account. Calculating a sound field this way results in a high spatial resolution but is yet so computationally expensive, that it is not suitible for almost any non-fundamental problem. Acoustic simulations using the Geometrical Acoustics principle, on the other hand, are able to rapidly generate sound transmission information for distinct solitaire positions of a source and a receiver, which makes this approach feasible for real-time auralization. In this master thesis, acoustic sound diffraction shall be investigated using geometrical techniques.