Final Thesis

Auralization of Sound Insulation in Virtual Reality

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Research Area:
Raum- und Bauakustik,
Akustische Virtuelle Realit├Ąt


In this research, we investigate the auralization of airborne sound transmission in complex buildings to develop the corresponding auralization filters chain for the evaluation of the performance of these building in terms of noise and comfort. This study focuses on the implementation of airborne sound transmission based on ISO-EN: 12354-1, and comprehends the calculation procedures for sound insulation metrics (i.e. sound reduction index for direct transmission of the different structures and the vibration level differences across junctions) and the development of sound insulation filters. These filters calculates the sound transmission between dwellings by partitions and by flanking structures to estimate the transfer functions between the sources and receivers during auralization process. Example buildings would be taken as a test case that consists of different type of building elements and their constructions. These buildings would be presented in virtual reality and the insulation filters will be applied to different scenarios (i.e. different source and receiver positions in different coupled rooms) and as a result synthesized room impulse responses (RIRs) will be obtained for these scenarios. Perceptual studies will be conducted to evaluate the performance of these buildings and to predict the comfort and annoyance. The potential applications of this research are the auralization of building in virtual reality and video games.