Auralization of Building Acoustic Filters



Raum- und Bauakustik


In building acoustics auralization, the implementation of sound transmission (i.e. airborne and structure borne transmission etc.) is an important phenomena to be incorporated in virtual buildings from where we can evaluate the performance of the building elements in terms of noise and comfort. The sound transmission through building elements influence the perception to a listener in listening rooms, therefore, there is a requirement to design the filters for building elements as acoustic sources to predict their influence. In the receiving room these building elements act as secondary sound sources and these secondary sources are obtained from transfer functions of sound transmission through building structures. This research topic focuses on handling the virtual building geometries and rendering the secondary sound sources in addition to the room acoustic filters to auralize the perception of the buildings under study. The potential applications of this research are the auralization of building in virtual reality and video games. Requirements ? Interest in the topic and independent work ? Knowledge of Room Acoustic ? Familiar with Matlab Optional skills ? C# Skills ? Working in Unity