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Building acoustics simulation based on semantic models

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Research Area:
Akustische Virtuelle Realität,
Raum- und Bauakustik


Room acoustics simulations are mostly based on geometry meshes with polygonal faces that are linked to acoustic materials, such as absorption and scattering coefficients. Unfortunately, building acoustics simulations require also sound transmission through walls and ducts. Here, polygonal meshes are inherently insufficient, because solid structures can not be described efficiently. In building and architectural modeling, semantic data structures based on the BIM approach are widely used and well integrated into the design and model workflow. In this master thesis, the employment of IFC-compatible semantic input data for building acoustics simulation will be investigated. Ways to extract room meshes for room acoustic simulation are investigated. A derivation of sound transmission paths between rooms will be formulated that can be readily used for building acoustics simulations with flanking paths. Requirements  Basic C++ programming skills  Basic knowledge of technical acoustics  Basic knowledge of acoustic simulation  Interest in the topic and independent work Optional skills  Familiar with SketchUp, FreeCAD, Revit  Knowledge of semantic data structures (namely IFC)  Familiar with Visual Studio