ASKnow: Acoustics Knowledge Alliance



EU Erasmus+ Program


The main objective of the project, which started in early 2020, is to provide interactive, work-based and open access knowledge on acoustics to students, lecturers in higher education institutions (HEIs), professionals, company researchers and to increase their skills and awareness about the leading role of acoustics in several areas. In order to reach this objective, the project aims at developing new, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and e-learning acoustics, in the form of interactive acoustic courseware. Teaching resources will be prepared by eight partners from four European universities (University of Le Mans, KU Leuven, RWTH Aachen University and University of Zagreb) and four companies (KFB Acoustics, HEAD Acoustics, Kahle Acoustics and Jazzy Innovations). With the exception of Jazzy Innovations, who are responsible for the design and implementation of the web-based course elements, all partners are experienced in either teaching acoustics or are active as consultants and practitioners in the field of acoustics.
In the project, five courses which are prepared which cover a wide range of acoustics-related topics. In all courses, at least four partners are involved in an interactive process to prepare, test and evaluate the course materials, which will then publicly disseminated around the end of the three year project phase. Until then, the courses will be reviewed internally by the project partners and externally by various associate partners of the project. Access to the platform will be free and the course materials will be published under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. More information about the courses and the current progress of the project can be found on the project website

The ACOUCOU platform
On the ACOUstic COUrseware platform (ACOUCOU, professionals, educators or students can find free educational material related to acoustics. Created by accomplished practitioners and scientists, it is intended primarily for engineers to extend their acoustics-related knowledge. In its courses, innovative and multidisciplinary approaches of teaching and e-learning are combined to visualize and explain acoustic phenomena. Currently, it already contains two courses, Acoustics for Industry (ACI, and Acoustic Course for Engineers (ACE, Additionally, educational materials for architectural acoustics (ArAc) can be downloaded. These materials will be extended by five more courses on acoustics in the ASKnow project (ASKNOW,