Novel metrics for characterization of surfaces for sound scattering and beam steering

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Noise Research,
Acoustic Measuring Techniques,
Acoustic Virtual Reality


In order to digitally design rule-based structured surfaces, the acoustic characterization of these surfaces needs to be leveraged to a higher quality and depth of information. A practicable method to characterize structured surfaces with regard to beam steering in terms of strength and dominating directions does not yet exist. Such a novel method for characterizing surfaces can be based on measurement and on numerical calculation of the angle-dependent sound incidence of plane waves and analysis of the reflection/scattering pattern. This approach is essentially the same as in ISO 17497-2 (diffusion coefficient), but goes beyond that. We intend to add a frequency-dependent and (source/receiver) location-dependent post-processing, with which the directional distribution between the specular component and the specific scattering directions is analyzed and condensed into novel metrics with more information depth.
With the results of such a procedure, interfaces to computer models (see above) can be improved, in which not only absorption and stochastic scattering, but also beam steering can be calculated. Creation of solid data structures for this requires fundamental research. As soon as the data structures are available, the implementation in models of Geometrical Acoustics is straightforward in modification of the existing subroutines dealing with scattering.