Auralization of Urban Environments – Real-time Simulation of Diffraction

Key Info

Basic Information

Funding Program:
DFG VO 600/39-1
Research Area:
Acoustic Virtual Reality,
Noise Research


The objective of this proposal is the advanced auralization for outdoor scenarios with emphasis on urban areas, and hence the common title reads “Auralization of Urban Environments”. A fundamental aspect is to acquire and share geometrical and acoustical data required for noise simulation and auralization throughout the entire duration of the project. In particular, the German team will mainly focus on the conception and design of real-time sound diffraction simulation in urban areas as extension of the existing Virtual Reality system. The Brazilian research team will focus on visually capturing and acoustically recording urban dynamics as well as offline simulation of noise levels. The elicitation of data will then be used to present classical level-based noise simulation to a non-expert audience with video material. Additionally, sophisticated auralization technology based on the results of the German research group will be added to demonstrate the power of such an approach in contrast to the traditional noise level. In a joint effort, the results of the Brazilian and German accomplishments will be evaluated and compared using both data from Aachen and Rio de Janeiro.