Laboratory: Hearing Technology and Acoustics


Lab-Course in Acoustics covering a wide range of acoustic topics.

Experiments deal with:

Technical Acoustics:

  • Measurement of LTI systems
  • Reverberation room
  • Airborne sound insulation
  • Impedance tube
  • Dynamic loudspeaker
  • Acoustical modes

Medical Acoustics:

  • Psychoacoustic effects and illusions
  • Experiment design in listening tests
  • Binaural technology - measurement and equalization
  • Individual features of Head-Related Transfer Functions
  • Speech-in-noise perception with hearing loss

The students should get a comprehensive understanding of technical and medical acoustic measurement techniques in various areas, gain experience with the measurement methods in order to be able to apply them.

Under guidance students are able to familiarize themselves with a pre-set task and solve it. They master the relevant methods, measuring instruments and software tools for the engineer's handling of specific problems in information and communications technology. Thus students are able to put theoretical knowledge into practice independently and in a team. Pre-set tasks can be solved in a narrowly limited time-frame.