Principle of machine diagnosis in vibroacoustics Copyright: © ITA Principle of machine diagnosis in vibroacoustics

Good Vibrations?

This topic comprises the stimulation and propagation of sound and vibrations in solids as well as the resonance of vibrations in the form of audible air-borne noise. That is particularly important for

  • Vehicles (Development of noise reduced engines and "good" sounding vehicles),
  • Machines and aggregates of all kinds,
  • Household devices,
  • Buildings and ships,
  • Musical instruments and
  • Loudspeakers.

Though the desire for a quiet and smooth running is the first priority, studying machines also provides an elegant opportunity to deduce from the noises a machine makes the condition the machine is in. Acoustic methods are here highly effective.

  Representation of vibration dispersion on the surface of a motor. Copyright: © ITA

Specialist fields:

Room and Architectural Acoustics
Binaural hearing - physiological acoustics - psychoacoustics - sound quality
Electro acoustics - digital technology - acoustic measuring technology
Numerical Acoustics
Virtual reality - simulation and auralization
Vehicle Acoustics