Room and Architectural Acoustics

Roomacoustical measurements in the cityhall of Wuppertal Copyright: © ITA

Are the acoustics good?

Room acoustics deals with the propagation of sound in enclosed spaces (concert halls, cinemas etc.) In building acoustics the interest is on the propagation of sound throughout the whole of the building, also passing through walls and floors.

For room acoustics that includes - depending on the usage of the room - the provision of sound to the listeners, in a natural manner or boosted by loudspeaker systems, mainly for the rendition of music or speech.

The highest priority of building acoustics is to avoid noise transfer in the form of air-borne or structure-borne sound. Here the aim is to mitigate as far as possible sound that can be transferred in a building in various ways, and so to secure the highest possible degree of peace and quiet in apartments and offices etc.

The tools of an acoustician for these tasks are apart from a number of special measuring instruments (as for example microphones and loudspeakers) computers, of course, for the evaluation of measuring and calculation processes.

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Room and Architectural Acoustics
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