Documentation of the experimental environments and hardware used in the dissertation "Spatial audio reproduction for hearing aid research : System design, evaluation and application"

Pausch, Florian

Aachen : Universit├Ątsbibliothek RWTH Aachen (2022)
Report (ResearchPaper)


The Institute for Hearing Technology and Acoustics of RWTH Aachen University owns a number of acoustically optimised laboratories and specialised hardware, allowing the conduction of various acoustic measurements and perceptual experiments. Some of these laboratories have been improved and adapted, others were conceptualised and implemented completely from scratch, to develop the results presented in the dissertation "Spatial audio reproduction for hearing aid research: System design, evaluation and application". The key specifications of the laboratory infrastructure and hardware used are presented in this report, including compact acoustic evaluations and descriptions of the reproduction environments, spatial audio reproduction systems, and systems to measure generic and individual receiver directivities.