Research Area Accoustics

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Acoustics is well connected to many other disciplines. Acoustics is multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary.

The figure shows the different fields of research that are connected to acoustics.

Activities in the core of “Acoustics” (airborne sound, structure-borne sound theory, measurement and computational methods, psychoacoustics) open immense opportunities for (interdisciplinary) research.

This way, the "Institute and Chair for Hearing Technology and Acoustics" is a central node of a network in all aspects related to sound and acoustic phenomena.

In particular, in the interdisciplinary areas of

- (bio)-medical engineering, in particular health care engineering (life-sciences)

- psycho-acoustics and auditory cognition in complex acoustic environments

- audio engineering, spatial recording and reproduction, and media technology

- mechanical engineering, in particular automotive and NVH engineering,

- civil engineering with focus on noise control, room and building acoustics, urban mobility

- etc.

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Hearing Technology and Acoustics

Research of the professorship for Hearing Technology and Acoustics focuses on the following:

Technical Acoustics

Research of the professorship for Technical Acoustics focuses on the following:


Research of the Junior Principal Investigator focuses on the following: