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Everyone knows the adventures of the comic book character Asterix under the rule of the Romans. But what medical, technical, natural, or social backgrounds are actually to be found in the stories about the brave little Gaul? What biochemical facts can Getafix refer to when preparing a magic potion? Which mechanical and physical laws are interpreted in a very creative manner when Obelix beats up Romans?

In this project, sequences on these and many other topics are identified in Asterix® comics, then taken apart and put back together from a scientific and tongue-in-cheek perspective. On closer observation, the potential of the allusions made in these stories, whether knowingly or accidentally, is far more powerful than an initial, superficial reading might suggest. Each individual topic is prepared together by a topic sponsor and an expert and presented in different formats – from lecture to workshop to sesterce slam – with help from the audience.

One University - One Book is a joint program from the Stifterverband and the Klaus Tschira Foundation in cooperation with ZEIT Verlag.


Friday, September 27, 2019, 4:30pm

Orgies! Orgies! Orgies!

The not-so-spectacular Roman cuisine and its decadent reflection in collective memory. It may conjure up images of gluttons gorging on disgusting dishes for hours, only getting up to vomit and allow enough space for the next ten courses to fit in their mighty guts – this idea of 'late-Roman decadence' is still quite deeply entrenched in common perception.

Was it really that bad back then? As is often the case, Asterix symbolizes a modern cliché: the most beautiful orgies have only been depicted by historical novels since the 19th century and, of course, later on, by the movie theater. Even so, antiquity is not fully undeserving of its bad reputation...


Lecture Hall 1385|219 - H08, C.A.R.L. Lecture Hall Complex, Claßenstraße 11

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