Education Fund

  Students in a lecture hall Copyright: Thilo Vogel

RWTH Aachen University is one of the eleven universities taking part in the Excellence Initiative in Germany. In order for excellent students to study here successfully and to provide them with the necessary financial leeway, the RWTH Education Fund was founded in cooperation with proRWTH in winter semester 2009/2010. The Henry Ford Scholarship, the Porsche IT Campus RWTH Aachen Scholarship and the Germany Scholarship from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research are offered as part of this scholarship program at RWTH Aachen.


How the Education Fund Works


The Germany Scholarship works according to the following funding principle: every scholarship amounting to 1,800 euros that RWTH Aachen acquires from private donors, companies, endowments, organizations, and associations, is matched by public funds. A scholarship funds a student with 300 euros monthly, that is 3,600 euros a year, for at least one year. Scholarship recipients are selected by the individual faculties according to subject.

The Henry Ford scholarship, also part of the Education Fund, is targeted towards very good female students in mechanical engineering. In addition to financial funding of 3,600 euros per year, scholarship recipients receive a budget to independently organize seminars, workshops, and other activities in a team.

The Porsche IT Scholarship offered through the Education Fund is targeted towards academically excellent students in computer science. The financial funding encompasses 4,272 euros annually and is supplemented with its own framework program of technical events.

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Who is funded?

Students are funded who distinguish themselves through their excellent academic or secondary school achievements and show particular potential. Comprehensive involvement or social and volunteer work is crucial to being funded. In order for scholarship recipients to continually meet the performance demand, a new application period takes place every year. Reapplicants also participate in this.


Framework Program

The Education Fund offers all scholarship recipients non-monetary support in the form of a framework program in addition to financial support.

As a result of the financial and personal involvement of donors, the financial assistance is accompanied by a program full of social, cultural, and sport activities and events for donors and scholarship recipients. The goal is to create a lively network and continuous discussion between scholarship recipients and donors among each other.

Number of Donors

The Education Fund survives through the support of its donors. Thanks to donations, roughly 500 high-achieving students at RWTH Aachen could be supported in the 2017/2018 funding year. With this number RWTH Aachen is among the top universities participating in the Germany Scholarship. 20 percent of applications received a scholarship in the 2017/2018 funding year. We would like to support ten percent of our best students for the long term with a scholarship from the Education Fund.

  Portrait of Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aachen University Copyright: Peter Winandy

We should not merely talk about the future, we have to take responsibility for it. Therefore, to support our students, we at RWTH Aachen University have created the Education Fund scholarship program. To promote young talent is an investment in a better future. As a sponsor of the RWTH Education Fund, you support future leaders on their way to shaping the future of our country. Join us in this effort – it is worth it!

Ernst Schmachtenberg, former Rector of RWTH Aachen University