Final Thesis

Impact of Geometry Reduction on Room Acoustic Simulation

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Research Area:
Room and Building Acoustics,
Acoustic Virtual Reality
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Bachelor Thesis of Pan, Yuying

Simulation of the 3D model of a concert halls is an efficient way to predict the acoustic properties, e.g. when planning the renovation or refurbishment, without the need to measure them physically. The creation of the 3D model, however, requires modeling expertise and time. Additionally, the variety of modeling strategies makes this process difficult to be reproduceable. 3D photogrammetry modeling is a robust and automatable way to represent rooms, but it requires a large amount of computational power, and unnecessary geometrical details have to be removed to perform the acoustical simulations. Removing the unnecessary geometrical details of the model and maintain the material properties is the aimed solution to this problem. The question is in which level of detail the simplified model still contains sufficient information for the calculation of accurate results.