Person-focused Analysis of Architectural Design - PAAD

  Jorn Hutzon’s plan distribution –in black- and the specialized construction –in blue- impacts on the final listener’s perception –in red- in the Sydney Opera House Copyright: © JLL


Photo of Josep Llorca-Bofí © Copyright: All rights reserved


Josep Llorca-Bofí

Junior Principal Investigator


+49 241 80-27248



The PAAD research group is led by the Junior Principal Investigator Dr. Josep Llorca-Bofí and hosted by the Institute for Hearing Technology and Acoustics, at RWTH Aachen University. In 2020, PAAD was awarded one of the RWTH Junior Principal Investigator fellowships and is funded for a period of four years starting on January 2021. The group is constituted by the leader and Jonas Heck.

PAAD´s research vision

The main task of PAAD is the study of the architectural design, with a focus on people’s perceptions, especially in situational contexts where sound matters. PAAD’s vision is person-focused, since architectural design covers different personal needs ranging from the basic safety needs, well-being and comfort, communication, to the religious experiences. Moreover, it is person-focused as long as it bridges the scientist´s and architect’s knowledge through personal vocabularies. The visionary approach is to offer new knowledge about architect’s designs implications on people’s perception, by passing over the specific languages of other research areas, such as acoustics. It is the hope of PAAD that this knowledge will help the architects in their daily design practice and, in a long term period, improve people’s life in our cities.


These are the current research areas in the group:

Architectural Design Categorization
Connecting the perception of the architectural space and the architect’s design properties.

Visualisation and Auralisation
Rendering techniques for the visual and audio cues in order to create reproducible laboratory conditions for test.

Cross-disciplinary Spatial Analysis
Battery of objective and subjective metrics to inspect the subject of study: the architectural design.