Professorship for Medical Accoustics

Professor Doctor Janina Fels with dummyhead © Copyright: Copyright @ Peter Winandy +49-171-4892738

The professorship for Medical Acoustics deals with acoustical topics that are connected to human perception.

Special subfields of Medical Acoustics are auditory scene analysis, binaural technology, noise research, psychoacoustics, spatial perception in imaging methods and development of technical systems for ENT and audiology.

Within the professorship’s main field of research, binaural technology, methods are developed that allow conducting hearing experiment in artificially created complex acoustical scenes as lifelike as possible.

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Professorship for Technical Accoustics

The professorship for Technical Acoustics deals with physical and technical aspects of sound with connections to the direction of the human sound perception, which are examined in Medical Acoustics. Special subfields of Technical Acoustics are general sound measuring technique, electroacoustics, building acoustics, numerical acoustics, vibroacoustics and noise control, which covers origin, diffusion and effect of sound. In auralization, to reproduce audible sounds from measured or computed data, all those subfields are connected through algorithms of audio signal processing. Within the professorship’s main field of research, Acoustic Virtual Reality, this is examined and applied in real time procedures.

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