Research Areas Medical Acoustics


The research areas under the professorship "Medical Acoustics" are concerned with topics in acoustics related to human perception.

Auditory Scene Analsysis
Hearing, localizing and attention in complex acoustic surrounding.

Binaural Technology
Binaural hearing, the individualization of HRTFs and individual HRTFs, artificial heads for children, artificial head technology, binaural reception and reproduction processes

Noise Research
Noise sources and noise effects

Binaural perception in complex surroundings, binaural acuity, rawness and tonality.

Spatial Perception in Imaging Methode
fMRT and MEG studies in cooperation with JARA Brain and the Forschungszentrum Jülich

Technical Systems for ENT and Audiology
Development of ear simulators/acoustic couplers and procedures for hearing aid technology