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  Professor Fels with a child Copyright: Peter Winandy

The chair of "Medical Acoustics" examines sound processing techniques in the human hearing system. We examine perception and communication in complex acoustic scenarios, for example noise exposure in classroom situations or in open-plan offices. This is of major importance both for the hearing-aid technology and for cognitive psychological processes.

By means of experiments with the aid of computer-generated acoustic worlds it specifically examines the effects on the perception, recognition and understanding of language. Spatial hearing and together with that the ability to localize sound sources as well as to separate and understand sources in neurological processes can be traced back to binaural hearing (perception with both ears).

A focal point of the research work is to use binaural technology to generate artificial scenarios at the ear of the test persons as realistically as possible. In JARA-BRAIN the focus is on scenario modeling and reproduction technology in visualization processes. We develop models and algorithms for audio systems and sound experiments, in order inter alia to be able to examine acoustic perception and its processing by children and adults in complex sound scenarios. With the aid of this knowledge new opportunities in the provision of hearing aids will be available.

The content of our lectures and courses comprises topics of medical acoustics, psycho acoustics, audiological acoustics, binaural technology, ultrasonic sound, speech, voice, hearing and noise.



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