Studying Abroad


Students from outside RWTH Aachen University are welcome. Following the ERASMUS arrangements and/or in direct communication with Prof. Vorländer plans for studying acoustics in Aachen can be realised. All courses listed under "Education" can be taken. Courses are taught in German. The abbreviations V2 and Ü1 indicate 2 lecture hours and 1 hour of exercise (equivalent to 4 ECTS credits), respectively, counted in lesson hours of 45 min each. For example 90 lesson hours of lectures and exercises in the field "Technical Acoustics 1 and 2" are offered in total, followed by an elective laboratory course of 40 lesson hours (4 ECTS credits).

Furthermore, we recommend that RWTH students study abroad for some time, visiting specific lectures or writing study theses and diploma theses in acoustics. Please contact Prof. Vorländer and the ERASMUS coordinator for further information. For instance, good relations have been established with:

NTNU Trondheim

Chalmers University Göteborg


Seoul National University, Korea

Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea

Universidade Federal Santa Catarina, Brasilien

Universidade São Paulo, Brasilien

Universidade Federal Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien

University of Valencia, Spain

Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain

Malaga University, Spain

contacts to other universities on request.