Was kann man da alles studieren?

Bild von Studierenden in einem Hörsaal Urheberrecht: © ITA

We represent almost all areas of acoustics. There is, however, no specific university course in acoustics. Acoustics can be chosen as a major of university courses like electrical engineering and information technology or physics. There is also an opportunity in other university courses like mechanical engineering, architecture, psychology, mathematics and mobility and transport engineering to choose lectures and seminars with topics from acoustics.

The catalogue of disciplines with an acoustic background is particularly comprehensive in areas like electrical engineering and information technology at RWTH Aachen University. A wide basic knowledge in acoustics is taught in lectures like

  • Introduction to Acoustics (Bachelor)
  • Technical Acoustics (Master)

Other lectures and seminars provide a first impression of special areas of acoustics as for example the lectures

  • Fundamentals of noise control (Bachelor)
  • Psychoacoustics and Methods for Listening Experiments
  • Medical Acoustics: Technologies for Hearing Systems and Ultrasound
  • Medical Acoustics: Audiology and Voice
  • Acoustic Virtual Reality
  • Acoustic Measuring Technology

or the intensive course

  • Room Acoustics and Sound Reinforcement Systems

the lab courses

  • Technical and Medical Acoustics
  • Acoustic Virtual Reality

and the seminars

  • Medical Acoustics
  • Technical Acoustics

Further information on our lectures and seminars can be gained from here