Who we are and what do we do.

Pictures with accoustical contents , like loudspeaker, microfone, concerthall, dummyhead. Copyright: © ITA

At the Institute for Hearing Technology and Acoustics (IHTA) we are dealing with the physical and technical aspects of sound and the effect sound has on human beings. Acoustics is generally considered a sub-area of physics or engineering. A solely technical approach is however not sufficient for understanding the perception, the sentiments and the damaging effects of noise on humans. Numerous overlaps with other sciences like medicine, psychology etc. result from this. The research areas and the professional areas for acousticians are equally numerous. The research in the IHTA and the training of students can of course only cover some areas from this broad field.


The following links provide an overview of the special areas in acoustics:

Room and Architectural Acoustics
Binaural hearing - physiological acoustics - psychoacoustics - sound quality
Electro acoustics - digital technology - acoustic measuring technology
Numerical Acoustics
Virtual reality - simulation and auralization
Vehicle Acoustics

Research areas that are presently in progress at the Institute for Hearing Technology and Acoustics can be found here.