Psychoacoustics and Methods for Listening Experiments



  • Human senses: Human Hearing System
  • Human Perception of Sound: Critical Bands, Pitch and Frequency , JNDs, Auditory Filtering, Masking, Informational Masking, Role of Memory in Perception, Auditory Attention, Loudness Perception
  • Binaural Hearing: Fundamentals, binaural masking, localization, motion detection, precedence effect, binaural models
  • Speech perception: Fundamentals, Models (Articulation Index, Speech Intelligibility Index, etc.), Influence of Room Acoustics and Noise on Speech perception
  • Auditory Scene Analysis
  • Psychophysics: Scales, Methods, Signal Detection Theory (Yes/No, Rating, Forced Choice)
  • Research Methods: Hypotheses (H0 and H1), p-value, Type 1 & 2 errors, Variables, Definition
  • Experimental Design: within-subjects / between-subjects, Power analysis, T-test / ANOVA
  • Psychoacoustic Measures: Loudness, Sharpness, Tonality, Roughness, etc.
  • Ethics