Laboratory on Communication Systems



  • Admission for students who follow a diploma from the 6th semester onwards and for students who have qualified Bachelor degree
  • Basics in telecommunication engineering and signal processing
  • Basics in electromagnetic fields and high frequency technology
  • For Master CE, e.g. information theory and source coding


The ZPA (central examination administration) will be informed about successful participation. Optionally, a certificate is issued. The following Institutes offer 10 attempts:

  • Communication material and data processing
    • Differential pulse-code modulation (DPCM)
    • Channel coding
  • Technical Acoustics
    • Electroacoustic converters
  • High frequency technology
    • Microwaves measurement technology
  • Telecommunication technology
    • Measurements at exemplary functions of ergodic processes
  • Semiconductor technology
    • Fiber sensorial transmission
  • Integrated analog circuits
    • Operational enhancer
  • Integrated systems of signal processing
    • System simulation
  • Theoretical information technology
    • Implementation on OFDM transceiver by Software Defined Radio
  • Cellphone networks
    • Radio communication with Software Defined Radios (SDR)


Elaborate experiment instructions are distributed at registration.