Final Thesis

English: Physics-based real-time auralization with the game and VR environment ‘Unity’

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Acoustic Virtual Reality
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Bachelor Thesis of Andreas, Maurice

For the creation of virtual environments not only technical and artistic abilities are needed. Without the use of State-of-the-Art-Software the enormous effort of modeling, scripting and developing individual extension scripts is not viable. The highly specialized development environment \grqq Unity\grqq{} by Unity Technologies Inc. offers an extensive base for easy implementation not only for the gaming industry but also for Virtual Reality. For this purpose integrable modules are ready to use a number of VR-Devices like the Oculus Rift, LLC or the \grqq HTC Vive\grqq{}. Furthermore Unity offers extensive possibilities to program plugins and gather objects of the virtual environment with scripts written in C\#. This bachelor thesis deals with the creation of a connection between Unity and VA. This enables the usage of physically based realtime auralization and all other available reproduction methods in combination with VR glasses. The result will be a full-fledged multi-modal VR system which can be used to demonstrate interactively environment noise or for building and room acoustic studies. On top of that it can be used for studies about multi modal perception which have to be executed under controllable and reproducible conditions.