Final Thesis

Geometry reduction of acoustic models

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Basic Information

Research Area:
Acoustic Virtual Reality,
Visualisation and Auralisation
Type of Thesis:


In the research project “Person-focused Analysis of Architectural Design”, we study human perception of built environments. More specifically, we address the visual and auditory experience of virtual or virtually reconstructed architectural spaces. The reconstruction of existing architecture is usually achieved by photogrammetry, which results in noisy and geometrically complex 3D meshes. To be able to efficiently simulate the acoustics of such meshes, their complexity must be reduced.

At first, a literature study on state-of-the-art geometry reduction algorithms has to be performed. Secondly, appropriate methods should be applied or implemented. Thirdly, these methods should be tested on a number of models to study their performance. Furthermore, it could be investigated how different levels of detail influence people’s perception.


- Python/Matlab skills
- High interest in machine learning
- Accurate and reliable work attitude