Final Thesis

Evaluation of the Level of Detail in Classroom auralization

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Research Area:
Room and Building Acoustics,
Acoustic Virtual Reality
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Bachelor Thesis of Fan, Jiawen

This research is performed in the context of person-focused analysis of architectural design. More specifically, the visual and auditory experience of architectural spaces is addressed. This thesis is aiming to understand how different levels of detail (LoDs) of visual and auditory representations of a classroom influence people’s perception.

Various visual representations are to be studied, e.g. photogrammetry, object (CAD) modelling, 360° images, or simple sketches. Similarly, different audio representations are available, such as binaural or Ambisonic recordings, mixed or virtual reality renderings, to completely synthesized sources.

At first, it is decided on which parameter variations and what range of the level of detail to consider. Secondly, the respective scenes have to be prepared and rendered. Then, an experiment is performed to analyse the perceptive evaluation of test subjects.