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Adaption of room acoustic auralizations to the reproduction environment

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Acoustic Virtual Reality
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Master Thesis of Voth, Markus

This master thesis investigates how far virtual rooms can be adapted to reproduction environments. To achieve this, the properties of early and late reflections are used with respect to physics and hearing physiology. In case of insufficient absorptive materials, early reflections and long reverberation times occur in rooms. Thus, the reproduction of the virtual scene is distorted. To compensate for reverberation, there are various approaches. For early reflections, it has been shown that a wave based annihilation is highly sensitive to small disturbances. Therefore, in this thesis, early reflections of the reproduction room shall be integrated into the VR-scene as good as possible by using a mapping method. To visualize early reflections, a vector based figure is developed. Objective evaluation criterions or measures of error are explored to compare room impulse responses. To reduce these errors, the above described compensation strategies are developed. Though, compensation possibilities are limited by the room where signals are reproduced. To evaluate the results objectively, there are simulations and measurements. For the subjective evaluation, a headphone based listening test is executed.