Research software


The interactive teaching for acoustics application.
On this website you'll find different acoustic phenomenas. Some applications illustrate physical contexts and others let you generate your own characterisitcs.

ITA-Toolbox MATLAB-Toolbox for acoustic applications.
OpenDAFF An exchange file format for directional audio data like HRTFs and directivities.
Virtual Acoustics

Virtual Acoustics (VA) is a real-time auralization framework for scientific research providing modules and interfaces for experiments and demonstrations.
It is open source and fully controllable enabling reproducible research.

More information on research software can be found here: Akustik-Blog.

Research data

ITA Artificial HRTF Dataset Dataset of a high-resolution head-related transfer function (HRTF) of the ITA artificial head
ITA Individual HRTF Database A high-resolution head-related transfer function (HRTF) and three-dimensional (3D) ear model database

More information on research data can be found here: Akustik-Blog.