Photo of Lukas Aspoeck © Copyright: Johannes Klein


Lukas Aspöck

Senior Researcher (Akademischer Oberrat)


+49 241 80 97987



The following services are offered by IHTA.

Standardized measurements:

  • Sound absorption coefficient and impedance ISO 10534-2
    (transfer function method)
  • Measurement of room acoustic parameters according to ISO 3382-1 und DIN ISO 3382-2
  • Scattering coefficient in scale-model reverberation room ISO/DIS 17497-1

Non-standardized measurements, simulations and other services (after consultation):

  • Measurement of individual Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs)
  • Simulation and recording of binaural signals / stimuli
  • Anechoic recordings of acoustic signals / sound sources
  • Room acoustics consulting, simulation und Auralization (in combination with room acoustic measurements according to ISO 3382), also related to DIN 18041 (Acoustic quality in rooms)
  • Directivity measurements of loudspeakers
  • Qualitative determination of the sound absorption coefficient in the reverberation chamber (according to ISO 354 – the used reverberation chamber, however, does not fulfill the required volume for the standard, 124m² instead of 150 m³)