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Chair for Hearing Technology and Acoustics


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Janina Fels is director of the "Chair for Hearing Technology and Acoustics" since November 2020. From October 2012 until November 2020 she has been Professor for Medical Acoustics at RWTH Aachen University since October 2012. She studied Electrical Engineering specializing in Electrical Communication Engineering (Diploma 2002) at RWTH Aachen University and received her doctorate there at the Institute of Technical Acoustics (PhD in 2008). Her dissertation researched the development of binaural hearing and impedances to the ear canal from children to adults with measuring and simulation procedures.

She has been in charge of the study group "Medical Acoustics, Binaural Technology, Spatial Audio, Audiology and Psychoacoustics" at the Institute for Technical Acoustics at RWTH Aachen University since January 2008. She did a post-doc in 2009 on the further development of ear simulators for children for the development of hearing aids at the "Center for Applied Hearing Research (CAHR)" at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and at Widex, Denmark. From December 2012 until October 2015 she was Guest Researcher at the Institut für Neurowissenschaften und Medizin, strukturelle und funktionelle Organisation (Institut for Neuroscience and Medicine, Structural and Functional Organization of the Brain) (INM-1) at the Forschungszentrum Jülich.

She was awarded the Lothar-Cremer-Prize by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Akustik (German Society for Acoustics) in March 2013 for her innovative and groundbreaking work in the fields of binaural technology and medical acoustics. She was appointed to the Junge Kolleg der Nordrhein-Westfälischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und Künste (Young Scholars' College of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts) in January 2014.

In March 2020, she was elected as a Review Board Member for the subject Acoustics (Review Board Mechanics and Structural Mechanical Engineering) in the DFG Review Board election for the term of office from 2020 to 2023.

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Degree-Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.) in Electrical Engineering specializing in "Communications Engineering" at RWTH Aachen University


Degree-Diploma thesis at the Institute of Technical Acoustics at RWTH Aachen University, Degree awarded: Dipl. Ing.


PhD. Dr.-Ing. Title of thesis “From Children to Adults: How Binaural Cues and Ear Canal Impedances Grow”. (Class: "summa cum laude”)

Professional Experience


Research Assistant at RPG Diffusor Systems Inc., USA


Research Assistant at the Institute of Technical Acoustics, RWTH Aachen University


Senior Engineer at the Institute of Technical Acoustics, RWTH Aachen University


6 months research period of residence (post-doc) at the Center for Applied Hearing Research (CHAR), DTU Department of Electrical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark and Widex A/S, Audiological Research, Værløse, Denmark


Parental leave

10/2011, 05/2012

Offer for the full professorship for "Communications Acoustics" at the University of Oldenburg (tenure track, declined)


Assistant Professor at the RWTH Aachen (W1, tenure track) for "Medical Acoustics"


Guest Researcher at the Institute for Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-1), Forschungszentrum Jülich


Parental leave

07/2016–11/2020 Full Professor for Medical Acoustics (W2)
04/2020 Offer for the full professorship for "Acoustics" at the TU Graz (declined)
since 11/2020 Full Professor for Hearing Technology and Acoustics (W3)

Areas of interest (focus)

  • Auditory Cognition in interactive Virtual Environments (DFG priority program SPP2236 (coordinator))
  • Classroom Acoustics (interaction between room acoustics – hearing – speaking)
  • Binaural Technology/Spatial Audio
  • Technical systems for ENT and Audiology
  • Sound Design and Sound Quality
  • Noise control and noise assessment (binaural perception and auditory selective attention)
  • Psychoacoustics: binaural perception in complex environments; binaural sharpness, roughness, and tonality
  • Spatial Perception in fMRI and MEG


  • Member of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), German Society for Audiology (DGA), German Society for Acoustics (DEGA) and Member of the AES Technical Committee "Spatial Audio"
  • Reviewer for peer-reviewed publications for the journals “Acta Acustica united with Acustica”, “Journal of the Audio Engineering Society”, “Journal of the Acoustical Society of America”, “Biomedical Engineering”, “International Journal of Human-Computer Studies”, “Noise and Health”, “Computer-Aided Design”, “Trends in Hearing”, “Applied Acoustics”, “IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing” and various conferences
  • Organization of special sessions at scientific conferences (DAGA annually since 2009 / NAG 2009 / ICSA 2011 / ASA 2013 / ICA 2013 / DGA 2014 / EuroNoise 2015) and organizer and chairperson for scientific conferences (Aachener Acoustics Colloquium 2009-2012, DAGA 2016 Conference (general co-chair), ICA 2019 (co-Chair)
  • Reviewer for DFG, Humboldt-Foundation, and Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ÖAW): research grants / research groups
  • Member of the standards committee NA 001-01-02-08 workshop "Psychoacoustic Measurement Techniques" of the AK Acoustics, Noise Reduction and Vibration Engineering (NALS) at the DIN and VDI
  • Member of the standards committee NA 001-01-02-12 AK "Soundscape - Wahrnehmungsbasierte Beurteilung der Qualität von Umgebungsgeräuschen", (national mirror organization of the working group ISO/TC 043/SC 01/WG 54 "Perceptual assessment of soundscape quality") of the Acoustics, Noise Control and Vibration Engineering Standards Committee in DIN and VDI (NALS)
  • Equal Opportunity Commissioner of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology of RWTH Aachen University since June 2013 and Deputy Member of the Equal Opportunities Commission in the Senate of RWTH Aachen University since December 2012
  • Member of the „Junges Kolleg“ of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts since January 2014
  • Head of the Technical Committee "Hörakustik" of the DEGA since March 2017
  • Member of JARA-BRAIN
  • Member of the Advisory Board (Vorstandsrat) of the German Acoustical Society (DEGA) since October 2015.
  • Elected Member for DFG Review Board 2020-2023 (Fachkollegiatin): 402-04 Akustik (Acoustics).
  • Elected Member of the Steering Committee of the Profile Area Medical Science and Technology, RWTH Aachen University, 2020-2022.
  • Elected Member of the Exploratory Research Space (ERS) Selection Group, RWTH Aachen University since 2020.


  • 2008 Siemens Award for the promotion of scientific talent in medical physics
  • 2009 Borchers Badge by the RWTH Aachen
  • 2013 Lothar-Cremer-Prize by DEGA for outstanding achievements of young scientists
  • 2014 appointed to the Junge Kolleg der Nordrhein-Westfälischen Akadamie der Wissenschaften und Künste (Young Scholars'College of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts)
  • 2014 1. prize in a poster competition at the 40th Annual Conference for Acoustics, DAGA 2014, DEGA
  • 2017 "FAMOS für Familie" - award for efforts in family-friendliness management, sustainable leadership and healthy work-life balance from the RWTH Aachen University
  • 2018 Best Paper Award „Journal of the Audio Engineering Society“