Final Thesis

Optimization of a sound insulation test bench regarding its measurement accuracy

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Research Area:
Raum- und Bauakustik,
Akustische Messtechnik


Bachelor Thesis of Mattern, Arne-Heinz

One of the most important measures of sound insulation is the sound reduction index. It describes the property of a component regarding sound transmission as a function of frequency and is therefore decisive for the sound propagation in buildings. The sound reduction index is determined through measurements in a test bench according to EN ISO 10140. An important aspect that must be considered during measurements is the flanking transmission, i.e. the transmission of power through objects that are flanking the tested component. This additional power increases the measured sound pressure in the receiver room and thus the measured sound reduction index is lower than its true value. But, because the sound reduction index is supposed to be the property of a component and not dependent on the room itself, the flanking transmission must be suppressed as far as possible. The aim of this thesis is to improve the measurement accuracy of the test bench, which is primarily used during the acoustic lab course. For this purpose, a characterization of the test bench is achieved by comparing the measured and calculated values for the sound reduction index. Then the possible flanking paths are characterized and analyzed. Based on these results constructive solutions are derived and implemented. In the end, the proposed solutions should be evaluated. A before-and-after comparison of the measuring accuracy is suitable for this purpose.